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Murder of trade union leader Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco

Since 2002, the José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective (CCAJAR) has represented the relatives of Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco, a trade union, civic and community leader, and member of the Union Patriotica Movement, who advised on the creation of different trade union organisations, conflict resolution and collective negotiations with many other unions inside Colombia and abroad. Continue reading Murder of trade union leader Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco

Trujillo massacre

The Massacre of Trujillo refers to multiple and successive human rights violations committed between 1988 and 1994 in the municipalities of Trujillo, Bolivar, and Riofrio (Valle del Cauca), including enforced disappearances, torture and the murders of approximately 340 people at the hands of a coordinated criminal structure which included members of the Army, Police, local politicians and paramilitaries from the North Valle cartel. Continue reading Trujillo massacre

The Vandals’ Poster

During the smale scale farmers’ strike of August 2013, the Police published what they called “The Vandals’ Poster”,[1] a poster showing photographs of 48 people who were “protagonists of acts of vandalism against the city and disproportionate aggression against the Security Forces”,[2] including Alejandro Ospina Cogua, a student at the Universidad Pedagógica de Bogotá. Continue reading The Vandals’ Poster