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The Vandals’ Poster

During the smale scale farmers’ strike of August 2013, the Police published what they called “The Vandals’ Poster”,[1] a poster showing photographs of 48 people who were “protagonists of acts of vandalism against the city and disproportionate aggression against the Security Forces”,[2] including Alejandro Ospina Cogua, a student at the Universidad Pedagógica de Bogotá. Continue reading The Vandals’ Poster

San José de Apartadó massacre

On 21st February 2005, eight people were murdered (five adults and three children) from the Peace Community of San Jose de Apartado, in a massacre carried out jointly by paramilitaries of the ‘Bloque Héroes de Tolová’ of the ‘Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia’ (AUC) and soldiers of the 17th Brigade of the National Army.[1] Jorge Molano is the lawyer representing Colombian society in the case. Continue reading San José de Apartadó massacre