Whilst we are alive we have to fight

“With the accompaniment of PBI you create a particularly human bond that I consider valuable and important. Throughout the court hearings in the case of the businessmen in Curbarado and Jiguamiando PBI accompanied me permanently despite their lack of resources. I know they made a huge effort and I value that immensely, I insist. The success in that case is because of the communities, the lawyers, thanks to you.

We have to understand protection not just in its objective – when you are destroyed internally through fear, you need a bond with someone; that´s what PBI was for me. Whilst we are alive we have to fight, but not fight from a position of hate, but from love and affection. You are allies that have crossed the world in solidarity. That is protection.” – Manuel Garzón, lawyer from the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission (CIJP)

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