25 years of PBI in Colombia

Stories of PBI in Colombia told by the organizations and people we have been accompanying.

Memories of PBI: 25 years of solidarity

To commemorate this work of international accompaniment, we are presenting a series of videos that attempt to summarise the impossible: 25 years of PBI in Colombia. For each year, and each video, we have sought the help of a person who has been, or still is, accompanied by PBI. We asked them to tell their stories, and to explain what was happening in Colombia and what the accompaniment of PBI meant in that context.The first video we would like topresent you is a short but significative video that shows, in a small part, how we carry out physical accompaniment in rural parts of Colombia. Obviously there are many other ways that we carry out physical and political accompaniment, in addition to the work that we do in terms of visibilisation, advocacy, and social and psychological support in the reconstruction of social fabric.We would like to thank each and every person and organisation that has trusted in us, everyone that has dreamed with us and who has been part of this great project. Thank you to Javier Bauluz for the energy, time and care that he has put into each video and for the time he spent with us during filming, and to Helena Manrique for her support in creating the video content. Additionally, thank you to the Cooperation Agency of Extremadura (AEXCID) whose support allowed us to create this work.

1994: Father Javier Giraldo shares with us about the arrival of PBI to Colombia

1995: The Magdalena Medio Region at the center of socio-political violence

1996: Year of political instability

1997: Uraba in Turmoil

1998: Persecution against human rights organisations

1999: PBI opens an office in Medellín

2000: The Return to Cacarica

2001: Women’s resistance in Barrancabermeja

2002: In the heart of urban violence

2003: Light of Hope

2004: The challenges to be a Woman Human Rights Defenders

2005: The massacre that changed the Peace Community forver

2006: Lawyers’collective accompanies resistance in Catatumbo

2007: Returning from Exile

2008: Aid the “False Positives” and the “Parapolitics” scandals

2009: The DAS wire-tapping and surveillance scandal

2010: A life in human rights – David Ravelo

2011: A Resistant Peasantry

2012: Murder of Leader and Land claimer Manuel Ruiz and his son, Samir, in Curbaradó

2013: Humanitarian refugees in the North East of Antioquia

2014: The First urban Humanitarian Space in the World

2015: Violence and protection of environment in Casanare

2016: Memory Schools – So that History never repeats itself

2017: Buenaventura’s Civic Strike

2018: Hopes born from the Peace Agreement

2019: Communities resist in the crossfire


This video were made possible thanks to the great work of Javier Bauluz and the support of the International Cooperation Agency of Extremadura for the Development (AEXCID)


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