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Support of the Reconstruction of the Social Fabric : Self-Care as a Political Project

In 2018, from PBI’s work area to Support the Reconstruction of the Social Fabric we have accompanied a group of twenty-five women, family members of disappeared individuals. These women are members of the Movement of Victims of State Crimes (MOVICE) – Valle del Cauca chapter. It is an accompaniment process that began in Bue-naventura in 2017 and is focused on psycho-social support, self-care, and mutual care.

Abril 2019 | Dur: 6:00

A group of people from Europe, experts in peace and human rights, travelled to Colombia to verify the implementation of the Peace Agreements between the Government and the FARC.

December 2017 I Dur: 7:00

Land of corn is a documentary film about four environmental and land rights defenders from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Honduras who work in an extremely dangerous environment and risk their lives, their freedom and the safety of their families because of the work they do.

July 2015  I  Dur: 25:00

The San José de Apartadó Peace Community celebrates its 18 years as an organization that does not admit any armed actor into its territory. Gildardo Tuberquia remembers how and why its inhabitants created the Peace Community. Since then, more than 200 inhabitants have been victim of massacres and selective killings which have been carried out by all of the conflict´s armed actors. One of the incidents that had the greatest impact on the Community was the massacre of 21st February 2005. That day eight people were assassinated and dismembered, among them three minors and the community leader Luis Eduardo Guerra.

March 2015  I  Dur: 08:00

A documentary film about PBI´s work in Buenaventura.

October 2014  I  Dur: 15:00

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