Murder of trade union leader Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco

Since 2002, the José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective (CCAJAR) has represented the relatives of Jorge Dario Hoyos Franco, a trade union, civic and community leader, and member of the Union Patriotica Movement, who advised on the creation of different trade union organisations, conflict resolution and collective negotiations with many other unions inside Colombia and abroad.

Jorge Dario Hoyos was murdered on 3 March 2001 by members of military intelligence in alliance with Casanare paramilitaries who were also active in Cundinamarca department.

(CCAJAR) has sought truth, justice and reparation for his relatives in a number of different legal cases. The material authors of the crimes, (the paramilitaries Luis Edilmer Rojas Rincon and Giovanny Moncada Cortes and the Fusagasuga policeman Carlos Mora) were found guilty. Also in relation to the case, the Public Prosecutor’s Office initiated investigations into Fredy Francisco Espitia Espinosa, a junior Army officer, and Charry Solano, current adviser to the School of Intelligence and Counter-intelligence, for being the joint culprit of aggravated homicide and of the forced displacement of the Hoyos family. The case has reached trial and awaits decision. According to CCAJAR, “this case yet again demonstrates the existence of links between members of the security forces and paramilitary groups which have claimed the lives of hundreds of dozens of trade union and community leaders all around the country”.[1]


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*Cover photograph: courtesy of CCAJAR

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