Historic JEP Hearing in Cacarica

This 4 March was not any old Monday for the Bajo Atrato communities, and in particular for the Nueva Esperanza en Dios (New Hope in God) Humanitarian Zone, located in the Cacarica river basin (Chocó). At the close of their memory festival to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of Operation Genesis and the resulting forced displacement of thousands, for the first time a judicial authority visited their territory. Continue reading Historic JEP Hearing in Cacarica

#UsWomenDefenders: The impacts of violence

Chapter 2, The impacts of violence

part one

Women defenders confront specific forms of violence with respect to men.  Amongst the most common aggressions that women defenders in Mesoamerica experience are psychological threats, defamation, smear campaigns, threats, criminalisation, sexual violence or killings. Continue reading #UsWomenDefenders: The impacts of violence

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