2007: Returning from exile

Yanette Bautista is Nydia Érika Bautista’s sister. In 1987, Nydia was tortured and disappeared in Bogotá during an operation carried out by Army Brigades III and XX.  Since then, Yanette Bautista and her family have not faltered, not even for a minute, in their search for justice demanding that the State investigate the case and identify the responsible parties. Due to threats and attacks from the military intelligence against herself and her family, she had to leave the country for 10 years. During her exile she decided to formalize her fight against enforced disappearance and in favor of human rights. That is when she founded the Foundation “Nydia Érika Bautista” (FNEB).

Since her return to Colombia in July 2007, PBI has accompanied Yanette and FNEB as they search for disappeared people and promote a clarification of the truth, justice, and dignity for victims.


PBI Colombia

**Video realized by Javier Bauluz and produced thanks to the support the International Cooperation Agency of Extremadura for the Development (AEXCID)


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