A huge support

For me it has been very beneficial to be able to count on the accompaniment of a great human rights defending organisation that is the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission, and through them, PBI – an international organisation. 

It has been a huge support and has meant I was able to return to my municipality Mapiripán, Meta. I have been able to visit my farm, work with the indigenous and rural communities and shed light what is happening in the municipality with the various violations of the company Poligrow. Without your help, as a human rights defender and land claimant, also spokesman for Conpaz, all of this wouldn´t have been possible. Especially with the high levels of risk involved in the conflict in the municipality. Above all I am grateful to you that I have been able to return with my wife and son. God bless you.”

William Aljure, victim of paramilitary violence and land claimant

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