Happy Birthday FOR Peace Presence

Dear friends and colleagues of FOR Peace Presence,

Today we want to congratulate you for your 15 years of work in Colombia, 15 years in which our organisations have collaborated and worked together in support of peace and human rights.

FOR arrived in Colombia after the massacre at La Unión in 2000 and began to work in this settlement accompanying the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, to protect them and shed light on an international level of the vulnerable situation of these brave men and women, who in the middle of the violence decided to resist and to stay in their territory.

It has been 15 years in which we have lived through moments of pain due to the violence that the communities have lived through throughout the armed conflict, but also moments of great hope, such as the 20 year anniversary of the Peace Community, where we reaffirmed our commitment to this alternative process of community living.

Today our relationship is closer and more collaborative than ever.  The work that FOR carries out in San José de Apartado and with other processes that they accompany unites us in our idea of a world without violence, where conflicts are resolved in alternative ways without weapons.  In particular we want to highlight their strong commitment to non-violence and de-militarisation that manifests itself in their work with the communities around the military base of Tolemaida and their work with conscientious objectors.

On this special day we want to show our appreciation for all they have given to Colombia and for their work in support of the defense of human rights.  For their holistic accompaniment of the Peace Community, but also for their work in Buenaventura, Antioquia, Cundinamarca, Cesar and Atlántico.

It has been 15 years dedicated to the fight for a better world, 15 years of solidarity.

Thanks you so much for your work, your presence and your friendship.

PBI Colombia

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