David Ravelo is freed after nearly seven years in prison

Colombian human rights defender David Ravelo Crespo left prison today, 20th June 2017, after being incarcerated for nearly seven years.  After having accompanied him throughout these difficult years, PBI is elated by this long-awaited news.

However, given the work that he has carried out as a human rights defender in the Magdalena Medio region, we are concerned about the possible situation of risk that he will be exposed to as he leaves prison on conditional release, given the increase in threats, assassinations and the criminalisation of defenders during this past year.

Ravelo was detained and incarcerated on 14th September 2010, accused of being the intellectual author of the 1991 murder of David Núñez Cala, a civil servant from Barrancabermeja.  On 5th December 2012, the Specialised Criminal Court of Bucaramanga sentenced Ravelo to eighteen years in prison for aggravated homicide.  After an appeal, the Supreme Court of Santander confirmed the sentence against Ravelo on 8th October 2013.[1]

After having exhausted all avenues in Colombia, in 2015 his lawyer decided to take the case to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.[2] This year the lawyer presented the case to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace, submitted to the Amnesty, Pardon and Special Criminal Treatments Law (article 35) so that the case can be studied by the Review Section of the Peace Court, and meanwhile Ravelo will be released as an innocent person on parole.[3]

“I am guilty because I speak out,” Ravelo has said on numerous occasions.  He is convinced that with his incarceration “they look to silence a known leader that hasn´t allowed himself to be intimidated and couldn´t be co-opted by the establishment.”  Before his detention, Ravelo had to put up with a decade of death threats, accusations and persecutions.[4]

His lawyers have reported several irregularities in the legal process, amongst them the particularly notable fact that the Public Prosecutor responsible for opening the case against David Ravelo, Mr. William Gildardo Pacheco Granados, who was a lieutenant in the National Police prior to being a Public Prosecutor, was investigated and dismissed in 1993 by the Prosecutors Office for supposed involvement in a forced disappearance in 1991.  He was sentenced to a year in prison in 1993, for the illegal detention of the aforementioned individual, prior to the disappearance.  However, Pacheco continued to work as a Public Prosecutor.[5]

The accusation was based on the testimonies of paramilitary commanders Mario Jaimes Mejía, alias ´El Panadero´, and Fremio Sánchez, alias ´Comando Esteban´, whose crimes were denounced by Ravelo; the two had been previously sentenced for these allegations.  According to the defense, the case was based only upon three witnesses and did not take into account the thirty testimonies in favour of Ravelo.[6]

Over the years, UN Special Rapporteurs, and national and international organisations and networks have expressed concern over the prosecution of Ravelo and have asked for respect for due process and have demanded his freedom.[7]

We are grateful for the support David Ravelo has received and we urgently appeal to the International Community for the following:

  • that the Colombian State is urged, specifically the National Protection Unit (UNP), to urgently coordinate with the beneficiary all of the protection and security measures he and his family needs;
  • that the foreign States, through their representatives in Colombia, remain alert and accompany the legal process that Ravelo´s case presents, as subject to the law 1820 of 30th December 2016;
  • that particular attention is paid to and a public pronouncement is made about violations to national and international due process rights, including a legitimate defense in trial against human rights defenders, in accordance with the resolution from the UN Human Rights Council in 2013 on “the protection of human rights defenders” and the Declaration on human rights defenders adopted by the UN in 1998;
  • that the Colombian State is urged to investigate all of the irregularities that have been reported during the incarceration of David Ravelo and that those responsible are sanctioned according to Colombian law and the international standards of due process;
  • that the Inter-American Court of Human Rights takes the expressed concerns into consideration and speeds up the study of this case.

PBI Colombia


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