Stop the war now!

The Renacientes (from the Spanish word meaning to come to life again) began as a musical group in Turbo in 1999, when the people of Cacarica, (Bajo Atrato/Chocó) were still suffering the effects of forced displacement caused by violence. The young people who formed part of the musical project used the music that they compose to make people conscience of the situation of violence that they suffer; but rap can also be converted to conserve the culture and the traditions of the afro-descendant population, that as a matter of fact, during the three years of forced displacement were at risk of being lost.

Janis is one of the members of the group, he is 26 years old and he lives in the Humanitarian Zone Nueva Esperanza en Dios, Cacarica.  At the moment, he is preparing to become a leader of his community.

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