Voices that call to defend our rights

These are the stories of people who reflect Colombia’s diversity and who are united by the pain wrought by the armed conflict, and through a shared hope for a true and lasting peace.

Originally from La Concepcion, Carmen Angulo is part of a traditional musical group from the Pacific “Roots of Naya”.  She is a singer-songwriter gifted with a powerful voice, her words reflect the struggle as much as they do the daily life of the Nayan people.

9. Voces que suenan en defensa de los derechos (2)
Urbano Angulo Mina

Urbano Angulo Mina was born in La Concepcion. He says his life is beautiful there.  The claws of war took one of his brothers. That brother was an excellent musician. There is no doubt that this passion for music is a family trait. Urbano shares his songs to the rhythm of the bombo drum and guitar, he transmits his joy and tenderness to those who hear him.

8. luis alberto.jpg
Luis Alberto

For Luis Alberto, “music helps us to not forget our culture as afro-descendants.  We defend our rights through traditional melodies and lyrics that remind us of our ancestors, who were fighters and river-men”.

Delphine and Mario wrote the stories for the ‘Beautiful madness’ after a trip to the Naya river basin in June 2016.  During that journey they accompanied the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission (CIJP) and met with women and men from indigenous, Afro-descendant and farming communities from around Colombia, and witnessed the inauguration of the University for Peace’s first campus, the beginning of an initiative that seeks to generate initiatives that will bring peace to the territories.

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