Put a face to the number

We at MOVICE wanted to pay homage to the victims of enforced disappearance and to include them in Agreement 062 in Havana, so that these provisions are effectively applied for the search, identification and hand-over of all disappeared people to their families.

I accompanied a group of 20 relatives of victims from Valle del Cauca who came to Bogota because they are aware of being victims of a State crime, and also because what motivated the mothers, daughters and wives is to be able to give homage to and exhibit the photographs of the disappeared in artist Saim Garcia’s cube.  The effect is very emotional and creates strong sensitivity towards the victims.


What the portraits do is humanise the issue of enforced disappearance; beyond the numbers, there is a face, a future cut short, a story, dreams… And this is important to the victims, as well as their families.

Martha Giraldo, National Movement of Victims of State Crimes – Movice – Valle Del Cauca

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