I hope there are no more disappearances

It’s the fifth time that I have come to Bogota for the International Day for the Victims of Enforced Disappearances.

My daughter disappeared in 2005 at the hands of paramilitaries. She disappeared at three in the afternoon, in La Dorada, San Miguel municipality, in Putumayo.  They took her and never gave her back, and that’s why I’m here, in Bogota, to ask for justice and truth.  The Nydia Erika Bautista Foundation helps me find out what steps I can take, where I can ask for help to look for Franca Alina.

With the signature of the peace agreements, as a Colombian and indigenous person, I hope there are no more disappearances or forced displacements.  In the department where I live, it’s a “red zone” because there are many legal and illegal armed groups, and I hope the peace is a true one, and puts an end to so much violence.

Francisco Vargas, Putumayo

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