Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space

On 13th April 2014, the Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space was created in La Playita neighbourhood in Buenaventura, marking the beginning of a new process which would bring hope and try to build a space, in an urban context, which is free from illegal armed actors. The Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission (CIJP), accompanies and advises the families who live in the Humanitarian Space on issues of protection, security, legal representation, and documents and distributes information on human rights violations.

In photographs: Puente de Nayeros celebrates two years of tranquility

Espacio Humanitario Buenaventura

In the words of Abilio Peña, member of CIJP, “the Humanitarian Space is a place where, in some ways, people have recovered a means to remain here and not be displaced from the area. This also enabled other streets to decide to become humanitarian spaces”.[1]

Stories from the field: Women who give life

Stories from the field: Between dry land and the ocean

OnEspacio Humanitario Buenaventura 14th September 2014, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) granted precautionary protection measures to 302 families who live in the Humanitarian Space and ordered the Colombian State to adopt “the necessary measures to preserve the lives and personal integrity of [these families]”.[2] Nonetheless, there continue to be reports of neo-paramilitaries[3]entering Puente Nayero , and death threats against several inhabitants and community leaders. We draw attention to and reject the murder of a young boy who lived in Puente Nayero, and the repeated death threats his family have suffered since he was killed.[4]

Espacio Humanitario Buenaventura brigadista


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