COS-PACC: 2016

Among the most severe aggressions towards COS-PACC in 2016, the following ones are noteworthy:

Tracking and surveillance

  • 29 February: at 8.30am the room was searched where human rights defender Fabian Laverde Doncel, president of the council of directors of the Social Corporation for Community Advisory and Training Services (COS-PACC), was staying in the city of Yopal, by Sub-lieutenant Fernando Heano Parra and Patrolman Edwin Nuñez Ducon of the Casanare Toursim Police. No other guest room at the hotel was searched.[1]

Detentions and prosecutions

  • 27 June: Martin Ayala, director for the Social Corporation for Community Advice and Training (COS-PACC), was arbitrarily deprived of liberty and tied to a tree when he asked the police to explain why they were interrogating and searching for his friend, only meters away from the Monserrate Police Station in Bogota[2].

[1] Cos-pacc: Radicado del Derecho de petición ante la Policía Nacional de Casanare número 201600065789, de 4 March 2016
[2] Trochando sin fronteras: Detenido arbitrariamente defensor de Derechos Humanos Martín Ayala, 27 June 2016


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