The dismantling of the neo-paramilitary groups

who continue to be the main aggressors of human rights defenders, and to make progress in investigations into aggressions committed against this group part of society. In terms of aggressions against human rights defenders there exists an impunity level of 100% in relation to death threats and 95% in relation to assassinations these are two political measures demanded year after year by Colombian social movements.  [1][2]

Other types of protection policy are, for example, are the proposals for integral and collective reparation put forward by communities that have been victims of violence in the context of the armed conflict. As well as the compliance of Court Orders emitted by the Constitutional Court with the aim of repairing the damage caused to some communities.  The adoption of the recommendations made by United Nations System and other international mechanisms, such as both the Inter-American Court and Commission of Human Rights. The dismantling of state institutions with links to human rights abuses. As well as cracking down on the stigmatization of human rights defenders by members of the Security Forces.

In a democratic state and in a context of peace, it is fundamental to assure the defence of human rights. The guarantees of democracy cannot be paper promises instead they must require a firm and constant commitment on behalf of the state.  There are concrete proposals that could be a first step so that objectives like the end of impunity and paramilitirism will one day be achieved in Colombia.

A couple of years ago, to even think about a negotiated outcome to the armed conflict in Colombia was a dream but today it is a goal that every day seems closer; however in Colombia there does not only exist an armed conflict but also an economic and social conflict, there are other armed groups that threaten members of the Colombian social movement, there are large landowners that continue to displace whole populations, there are women used as a weapon of war and above all, there is a collective of women and men that each day put their lives in risk for one single motive: the defence of the most fundamental rights.

Ana Vicente


[1] We Are Defenders program The Divine Comedy, Annual Report 2014, 18th of February 2015; Oacnudh: Annual report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 24th of January 2014

[2] We are Defenders Program, Informe Siaddhh 2013: D for Defense, 21 of February 2014

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