NOMADESC: 2004 – 2012

As the most visible member of Nomadesc, Berenice Celeyta has reported and denounced various death threats against her, the theft of sensitive information related to her work, and illegal surveillance of her communications through the executive branch’s Department of Administrative Security (DAS).[1] As is the case for other human rights defenders, this situation has had a serious impact on Celeyta’s life: “As human rights defenders we also experience a kind of forced displacement. I don´t have a house or any stable place to come home to.  If I stay in one place, they can target me.”[2]

Celeyta reports that in 2010 Nomadesc received 13 death threats.[3] In December 2010 and January 2011, Nomadesc received a series of death threats through text messages received on their cell phones naming Nomadesc as well as other organisations.  In one of the messages Berenice is named specifically as are the children of other threatened human rights defenders.[4] Nomadesc received threatening messages again on August 23[5] and December 20 2011[6], also threatening social organisations, human rights defenders, and indigenous and mining leaders in southwest Colombia.

Operation Dragon

In August 2004, the Prosecutor’s office and Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) discovered a series of official documents that detailed the various elements of “Operation Dragon”, an undertaking which included the illegal surveillance of 170 people—one of whom was Berenice Celeyta[7]—with the apparent aim of killing human rights defenders, union representatives, and members of the Colombian political opposition.  The Prosecutor’s office has demonstrated that the 3rd Brigade (Colombian National Army), the Cali Police, and the Department of Administrative Security (DAS) supported and collaborated in the gathering of information.[8] In October 2011, three members of the military were apprehended for their participation in Operation Dragon.[9] The operation was allegedly coordinated by Coronel Julian Villate Leal[10] who was assigned to coordinate security at the Embassy of the United States in Bogota from December 2004 to July 2005, even after the Operation had become public knowledge.[11] According to lawyer Jorge Molano, this is “a case of alarming and shameless impunity”.[12]

Threats and acts of aggression

  • 20 June 2012: Death threat via text message against Nomadesc and other organisations.[13]
  • 27 June 2012: Death threat via text message against Nomadesc, among other organisations.[14]
  • 24 September 2012: Text message threat against Berenice Celeyta and Olga Araujo of Nomadesc, and several other organisations.[15]

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