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Under the oil palm trees

“We are walking land”
(Indigenous saying)

 The landscapes of the Bajo Atrato region in Colombia are inundated with palm trees. You might be thinking they are the like the palm trees that appear on postcards next to beaches and crystalline waters, but no, these are somewhat different: flatter, wider and lower. Instead of juicy coconuts hanging at their centre there is a red, oily fruit, a bitter crop indeed for the communities who live here. Continue reading Under the oil palm trees

“Walking towards a horizon of justice and peace”

They say that to remember is to live. Commemorations are important; some remind us of painful moments and others of more happy times, but they always allow us to stop for a moment and look back, to look at the pathway we have journeyed along, and everything we have learned and built along the way. Continue reading “Walking towards a horizon of justice and peace”