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Alto Guayabal resists

Thruts and memory in the Bajo Atrato reagion – Chapter 2

For its second edition of the Festival of Memory, the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission (Comisión Intereclesial de Justicia y Paz – J&P) chose the So Bia Drua Humanitarian Environmental Indigenous Territory, in the Jiguamiandó́ river basin, Chocó department. An ancestral territory which has once again found itself caught in the middle of armed confrontation and attempts to control the lands, by illegal armed actors. Continue reading Alto Guayabal resists

“Not Alive or Dead: Disappeared”

Enforced disappearance is an international crime, a human rights violation, an endless tragedy, and permanent pain. The family member of a disappeared person will always know exactly how many days their loved one has been absent, and each day they imagine possible and impossible scenarios. Continue reading “Not Alive or Dead: Disappeared”

Memory and Resistance in North-East Antioquia

On 3 August 2019 the Humanitarian Action Corporation for Coexistence and Peace in North-East Antioquia (Corporación Acción Humanitaria por la Convivencia y la Paz del Nordeste Antioqueño – CAHUCOPANA) opened its first House of Memory in Lejanías (Antioquia department) and commemorated the massacre of Altos de Manila and Cañaveral in the hamlet of Cancha Manila, situated in the village of Altos de Manila, some 40 minutes from Lejanías. PBI was there. Continue reading Memory and Resistance in North-East Antioquia