#UsWomenDefenders: The impacts of violence

Chapter 2, The impacts of violence

part one

Women defenders confront specific forms of violence with respect to men.  Amongst the most common aggressions that women defenders in Mesoamerica experience are psychological threats, defamation, smear campaigns, threats, criminalisation, sexual violence or killings. All of these forms of violence against women defenders contain a strong gender component, using the body and the identity of women as a source to sow fear, intimidation and exploitation.  This specific violence impacts the lives of women and those around them in different ways.


Chapter 3, The impacts of the violence part two

The psychosocial impacts of the violence against the bodies and lives of women defenders is a topic not easily addressed: blame or fears are not experienced in the same way my male defenders, intimidation and threats are not only played out on their bodies and lives, but also on those of their families, dependents and close networks. This is related to other factors such as the lack of recognition inside organisations or the normalisation of violence against women, amongst other forms of discrimination the combination of which puts the lives and health of the activists at risk.


Chapter 4, The impacts of the violence part three

Women human rights defenders run greater risk that male defenders of suffering sexual violence and other forms of violence based on their gender.  It is also common that their children receive threats and aggressions due to the work they carry out.  The specific gendered attacks include assault and threats, sexist insults, sexual violence in the context of repressive acts, gendered stereotypes in judicial processes and smear campaigns as well as attacks against those who defend women´s rights.

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