I don’t like to remember

My dad, Jose Blas Gamboa, worked as a machinist. One day he went out to work and we never heard from him again; since then I don’t like to remember what happened to him much. I was 15 years old when he disappeared, and it affected me.  Although I don’t demonstrate it emotionally; but I rebelled and lived life however I wanted. My mother also suffered a lot, and emotionally she was low.

When I come to an event like this, in memory of so many victims, I’m filled with emotion and joy to know that not just in Buenaventura, but in many parts of the country people are living the same thing, and maybe even worse.  It fills me with motivation and strength to see so many people who have gone through experiences that might be worse, and they are here and smiling. I’m young and I have life ahead of me and I will not let myself die.

Jose Luis Gamboa, Buenaventura

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