Where could he be?

Pedro Antonio Peña was my son.  One day in 2002 he went to Calamar (Guaviare), where he had found work.  Two months after he left, he sent me 200,000 pesos for his three children, who were being looked after between both grannies.  I never heard from him again after that. I think they disappeared him, because he’s been lost for almost fifteen years, and has never called me or said anything.

Not a day passes when I don’t think about my son, blood of my blood, whether I’m cooking, or it’s 24th December or new year, I always ask myself the same thing: where is he?  He was very well known in the area and that is why I asked people, and looked for information about where he was in so many places.  But nothing, I never found anything.

My hope is that no more mothers have to suffer, to stay awake night after night and cry for their children who have been forcibly disappeared.

Maria Ines Peña, Villavicencio

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