New field volunteers

PBI Colombia Project welcomes two new field volunteers: Laetitia (France) and Clara (Spain); and Anna (Hungary) who will be joining the Fundraising Team in PBI Colombia’s Office.

Here are their first impressions after joining the Project:

Laetitia Suchecki

Laetitia Suchecki_web

“After a year of selection and training, and 18 hours’ travelling, I arrived at the PBI house in Bogota excited to be starting my mission as a volunteer.  The welcome from the whole PBI team was very warm and I am grateful to everyone for that!  Everyone has anecdotes from trips and accompaniments, you can feel the enthusiasm and really strong commitment for a fairer world. And the way everyone looks after each other impresses me a lot, and you get to feel part of the PBI family very quickly.

After the initial training, I’m really looking forward to joining the Bogota team and physically starting the international accompaniment mission.  Also, arriving in Colombia right at the signature of the peace agreements in Havana is fascinating!

I already know that I’m going to learn a lot working on this Project, not just professionally, but in a human sense.  It is a privilege to be able to accompany and share time with the human rights defenders in Colombia, who keep up their struggle every day, despite the multiple threats they receive.  It will be an important life experience that will change me.  I am sure there will be a before and an after.”

 Clara Ortega

Clara Ortega_web

“In Colombia at last!  I’m lucky to be able to take part in this project.  I’m getting to know the work and team dynamics little by little, and of course the interesting events taking place in the country in such crucial times for the future of the implementation of the Havana accords.

I share Colombia’s enthusiasm and hope, and also the caution with which we should approach the massive challenges that this new phase in the country’s history will have to respond to.

I feel fortunate to be observing and accompanying during this historic moment, with PBI, and in the warm and unforgettable city of Barrancabermeja.”

 Anna Wrochna


“It is my second season living and working with organisations in Colombia, but until now the experience with PBI seems unique.  You feel at home from the first instant.  The house is welcoming with a nice patio, a little cat and delicious lunch, where everyone shares their stories and has a good chat.

To be received like a friend, right from the start, with smiles and hugs, makes me feel like I’m part of a family, and it is nicer to work that way, because there is plenty to do.  Everyone seems very professional and takes their tasks very seriously.

The best moment of the first week was sharing the event of the singing of the accords in Havana, which was an historic event for the country and very important for us too.

I am very happy to be here and I hope that this is just the beginning of a long journey with PBI.”

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